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File Protection

Mirror Backup gives you peace of mind by maintaining a mirror image backup of your important folders.  It does this quietly in the background with minimal impact on your computer's performance.  And if a data loss does occur, Mirror Backup will walk you through the restoration process and have you back in business as fast as possible.
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Continuous Backup

Mirror Backup can run as a background service, constantly monitoring your important files for changes.  It is truly an "install it and forget it" solution.  However, for business operations, we recommend enabling the daily report feature that will email you a log of its activity.  Alternatively, you can trigger backups from Windows Task Scheduler, or manually from the user interface.

Historical Backup

Mirror Backup can maintain a history of each file.  This is important because if a file is corrupted, it may not get noticed until after one or more backups have occurred.  This feature prevents the corrupted file from overwriting the only backup.  You will be able to restore any version of the file from the history, or roll back the entire file set to a specific date and time.
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Backups are not limited to local drives, they can also go to a cloud server.  Mirror Backup is inexpensive because you are not charged for cloud service, and you are not obligated to use it.  You can use your existing cloud or one of the free cloud providers.


In the unfortunate event that you find your files missing or damaged, don't panic!  Mirror Backup has got you covered.  It lets you choose which sets of files need to be restored, and what date and time that you want to roll back to.  Our 12-step procedure will guide you through the steps needed to recover from different types of data loss.
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Free trial.  Windows XP or later required.

You can get 24/7 file protection for as little as $.80 per month.  This makes Mirror Backup the least expensive option in the industry.  This rate is for a yearly subscription of 30+ seats.  The most expensive option, 1 seat/monthly, is $3 per month.  Our prices are low because you do not pay for cloud service.  Mirror Backup will work with your existing cloud, or you can get some free space, or you can use local storage.  On the ordering form, set the "Quantity" to the number of seats (installations on a computer), not the number of months/years.
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